Mars Sauna

You can experience one of the most intense saunas in Iwate prefecture, a high-temperature sauna at 95°C.
The temperature difference between the sauna and the water bath is an amazing 80°C. The far-infrared rays powered by gas reach deep into the body core, realizing superior heat and thermal sweating.
The alternating hot and cold baths will make you reach “the ideal body state” for certain.
  • Sauna scope

  • Sauna temperature

  • A natural bath of hot water gushing up from underground

The best overall sauna in Iwate Prefecture- one of the most intense in Iwate!

Sauna’s additional benefits

The sauna offers various benefits/effects like general health, skin beautification/beautifying effects, relaxation, and weight loss.
To achieve these, it is key to use the sauna correctly.

The basic process of sauna is to repeat “Sauna⇒Water bath⇒Rest (outside air bath).”
The process of repeating the processes, “warm up in the sauna (5-12 mins),”“Rest (outside air bath),”“warm up in the sauna again,” 3-4 times is called “the alternating hot and cold baths.”

Benefits you can expect from Sauna→Water bath (the alternating hot and cold baths)

  • Sensitivity to cold, stiff shoulders, back pain
  • Keeping the balance of autonomic nerves
  • Weight loss effects
  • Fatigue recovery effects
  • Prevention of blood sugar increase
  • circulation (of the blood)
  • Insomnia relief
  • Beautifying skin effects
  • Hay fever

Correct ways to use the sauna


Hydrate first!

By ensuring you drink some water first, you can prevent dehydration and work up a nice sweat in the sauna.

Cleanse your body#2

Before entering the sauna, please wash and cleanse your body thoroughly!

Removing sebum and dirt will help you perspire more.

#3Time for the sauna

Experience one of the strongest high-temperature saunas in Iwate Prefecture at 95 degrees Celsius!

Take your time to sweat in the hot sauna#4

The recommended time spent in the sauna is around 10 minutes.

Do not force yourself to stay in the sauna for too long, but adjust the time according to your physical condition.

#5Take a cool bath afterwards

First of all, be sure to take a hot water bath to work up a sweat.

After the bath, take a water bath to cool down quickly. The recommended time in the cool water bath is 1 to 2 minutes.
*Please take care, it may be dangerous to take a cool water bath immediately after leaving the hot sauna, as it will cause your blood pressure to rise rapidly.

Sit down and take a rest#6

Take a break and relax on a bench. Don’t forget to rehydrate adequately.

As you slowly close your eyes, your body, which has been chilled by the water bath, will slowly warm up, and the feeling of ecstasy that fills your brain in a circular motion is the feeling of your body adjusting.

Repeat the cycle of #1 to #6 two or three times, and finish with a long, slow rest.

Relaxation and healing

  • Sauna scale (size)

  • Body care

  • Nap room

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