Ways to enjoy Mars Kitakami

Taishu Engeki performance

Held almost daily!
These performances are rare even up North
These elegant shows bring audiences both tears and laughter

Theater has been a popular form of entertainment for commoner since the Edo period.
The Ezuriko-za Theater invites the best theatrical groups from all over Japan to perform, dance, and sing almost daily.
For the time being, dance and song shows on weekday nights will be suspended.
The performances can be seen by all guests, including those who come for bathing, relaxation, or lodging.

Open baths

Open spaces

Mars Baths are wide, and open
They have a depth of 1.3 meters
Electric baths for health, beauty, and fatigue recovery
After the sauna, relax in the spacious cool bath.

The sauna is the best in all of Iwate

Experience your body clearing itself out with
the 95 degree sauna, one of the best in Iwate
together with a fresh, cool bath

Experience one of Iwate’s best sauna’s—95 degrees of relaxation.
There is an 80℃ difference between the sauna and the cool bath.
The gas-powered far-infrared rays reach deep into the body to provide quality heat and induce perspiration.
Alternate between hot and cold baths for the pinnacle of relaxation.

Floor map

First floor


A popular theater and hot spring resort in Kitakami City, "Masu Kitakami” A popular theater and hot spring resort in Kitakami City, "Masu Kitakami”