Body Care

Hand Massage Spa

We provide relaxation services which include body care and foot care.
Our experienced staff will thoroughly relieve the stress and fatigue accumulated in every corner of your body.
With different treatment courses to fit each of our customers’ needs, it will help you relax both your mind and body. Please enjoy a moment of bliss.

Operating hours: 11:30–23:00 (Last reception is at 22:00)
Body Care
Blissfully loosen up your fatigued body. Especially effective after a hot bath.
20 Minutes: 1,850 Yen(Budget Course)
40 Minutes: 3,550 Yen(Basic Course)
60 Minutes: 5,200 Yen(Premium Course)
80 Minutes: 6,800 Yen(Napping Course)
Foot Care
Stimulation of the reflex points of the feet and comfortably relieves foot fatigue.
20 Minutes: 1,850 Yen(trial course focusing on the feet)
40 Minutes: 3,550 Yen(refreshing course from the feet to the knees)
Set Course
Excellent value and effective course which combines both body care and foot care.
40 Minutes: 3,550 Yen
60 Minutes: 5,200 Yen
80 Minutes: 6,800 Yen
Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
In a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the air pressure is increased higher than normal air pressure to allow your lungs to gather much more oxygen than usual to rebalance your body condition.
[Recommended if this is you!!]
Those who are interested in beautiful skin, improving heal rate of injuries, people concerned about their metabolism rate, those have trouble sleeping, and those who get lingering hangovers.
Fatigue Relief (Fatigue from work or sports), refreshing your brain, and for those who are concerned about body imbalance.
60 Minutes: 2,000 Yen

Stiffness Relief Spa

Relieves stiffness and fatigue in your whole body from top to toe especially in your shoulders, upper back, and lower back.

Opening Hours: 11:30–24:00 (Last reception is at 22:00)
20 Minutes Course: 1,850 Yen
40 Minutes Course: 3,550 Yen
60 Minutes Course: 5,200 Yen
80 Minutes Course: 6,800 Yen
Foot Massage 30 Minutes Course: 2,700 Yen

Body Scrub

This is a traditional Korean skincare treatment that removes dead skin cells and makes your skin smooth and silky.

Opening Hours: 11:30–24:00 (Last reception is 22:00)
  • A Course (30 Minutes) 3,500 Yen [Body Scrub+Body Shampoo]
  • B Course (45 Minutes) 4,800 Yen [Aroma Oil Therapy+Body Shampoo or Halyotherapy]
  • C Course (60 Minutes) 6,800 Yen [Body Scrub+Aroma Oil Therapy+Body Shampoo]
  • D Course (80 Minutes) 8,800 Yen [Body Scrub+Aroma Oil Care+Body Shampoo+Facial Care]

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