First bath in the large bath.

#1The bath

Various Baths of Mars Kitakami

The spacious, open feeling
will make everyone smile.
Mars Kitakami Bath

Have a good sweat in the best sauna in Iwate.


Mars Sauna: Highest class in Iwate

The best in Iwate Prefecture in terms of the large sauna size, sauna temperature, and water bath temperature and size.

Laugh and cry at the theater.


Emotions of Humanity Play
Ezurikoza Theater

Selected theater groups are invited
are invited to Ezuriko-za Theater from throughout the country.
You can enjoy plays and dance and popular song performances nearly every day.

Enjoy delicious food.


Enjoy delicious food.

At the Shirauritei Restaurant, you can enjoy soba (buckwheat noodles) made from buckwheat flour produced in Hirokanai, Hokkaido. The Theater Basket Gozen Meal is perfect for satisfying your appetite before watching the theater!

Leisurely Rest

#5Relax and Refresh

A spacious place to relax
Body care relaxation service

Relaxation and refreshing that match the day

Floor map

First floor