Mars Bath’s main bath

When you enter the spacious and open bathhouse, there is a particularly large bathtub.
The main bath, “Mars Bath”, which is in both the male and female bathhouses,
is a place for guests to rest, relax, and be refreshed.

Deep bath

This bath, which has a depth of 1.3 meters, returns the body’s waste products that have accumulated in the lower body to the upper body by way of the blood through the use of water pressure, and this cycle is said to improve blood circulation.

Lukewarm bath

Soaking in a lukewarm bath has a positive effect on the parasympathetic nerves for greater mental and physical relaxation.
Please soak in the lukewarm water for a long time to soothe the fatigue of your day.
Also, hip baths go well with “lukewarm water” and we recommend it.

Electric bath

There is an “electric bath” facility in a corner of the main bath “Mars Bath” as well.
The vibrations created by a low frequency stimulate the entire body
and is said to be effective in improving health, beauty, and recovery from exhaustion.

Cold bath

After entering the sauna, a cold bath immediately tightens the warmed body and revitalizes the body and skin.
Entering a sauna has a positive effect on the sympathetic nerves.
Also, soaking in a cold bath has a positive effect on the parasympathetic nerves. By alternating between the sauna and cold bath,
the function of the autonomic nerves are stimulated, which increases the body’s metabolism.


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Mars Sauna

Dedicated locker (with hangers)

Hangers are also provided in the dedicated locker which provides plenty of space for use,
so guests can store their clothes without getting them wrinkled.

Floor map

First floor